Grassi Pietre started working in its Nanto (Vicenza - Italy) quarries in 1850.


It specialises in the quarrying, supplying and installation of the Vicenza Stone, the same material used by the Palladio for its famous buildings.


It also supplies and installs marbles, granites, and semi-precious stones worldwide, thanks to its skilled team of craftsmen and technicians, with a high level of customer service.

Featured Projects

Hotel Knightsbridge

Swimming pool and changing rooms wall cladding

Apartment Mayfair

Supply and installation of floors, bathrooms floors and claddings


Collaborations with international architecs and designers

Zime' winery

Cantilever shelves, internal stair and cladding

Private villa

Supply and installation Spa, columns, entrance, kitchen and bath elements

Penthouse Westkaii Towers

Supply and installation entrance floors, 3 x bathrooms and kitchen elements


Supply and installation of staircases worldwide



Supply and installation of exterior facades worldwide


Retail Interiors

Supply and installation of retail interior elements worldwide