Extravega operates worlwide since 1985, with headquarters in Milan and branches in New York, Sydney and London.


It specialises in the engineering, supply and installation of custom designed projects.


Extravega's working knowledge of materials is vast: Metal, glass, plastics, wood, resins, liquid metals and composites.


Executions, which are often complicated and challenging, are always coordinated and carried out with the maximum precision andattention to details.


Extravega is also synonymous of great flexibility, which allows it to perform on any type of materials and guarantees a total respect of deadlines.

Featured Projects

Grace Farms

Supply and installations of 40 bespoke double glass doors.

Ashford Castle

Supply and install an external spa

Baron Capital

Supply and install a glass staircase


Supply and Install a 3 storey exhibition space

Lamborghini Showroom Dubai

Supply and Installation of a 4 storey staircase and elevator shaft

Hotel Terrour Bi

Supply and Installation of curved stainless steel and glass staircase

Residential Interior

Supply and Installation of joinery, doors and bespoke furniture